Party Like A Feminist: Buffy Summers

I feel like most people either strongly love or strongly hate Buffy - there is no middle ground when it comes to the famous blonde vampire slayer. I fall into the strongly (strongly, oh so strongly) love category - the show’s quick, stylized dialogue, fully-realized characters, and general badassery just melt my Whedon-loving heart.

Speaking of Whedon - homie is an awesome feminist. The dude majored in gender studies and created Buffy because he was tired of the ‘helpless’ blonde girl always getting killed first in horror movies. During the course of the series, vampires & authority figures alike underestimate the strength and power of Buffy Summers only to get a serious beat-down with a few snarky quips thrown in for good measure. Buffy uses her super strength to fend off evil demons & their plans for destruction, all while realistically coping with the huge responsibility she’s saddled with AND still just being a high school girl. She kicks ass in the graveyard in a 5 against 1 fight all while rocking heels. She wants to go to prom and eat junk food with her best friend and not totally fail that chemistry test - but she’s got this whole ‘defending the world from vampires as the chosen one’ gig too.Ā 

the show features complex characters who develop beautifully throughout the show’s seven seasons (and the spin-off Angel.) Terrific friendships, terrific girl power, and a lot of sweet valley girl slang & 90’s fashion - this show has everything people. So - let’s party like Sunnydale’s sweetheart, complete with lipgloss in one hand and a stake in the other:

DO: go dancing at the bronze, stand up for yourself, rock butterfly clips and spaghetti straps, stay true to your besties, take time to eat junk food and veg out, embrace your fate, stab the vamps, practice your sarcastic & cheesey one liners.

DON’T: fall for a super old vamp with a soul and a ton of baggage unless you’re looking for heartbreak, doubt your watcher, let the popular girls get to you, lie to your mom, settle for someone as boring as Riley (seriously - that guy was snoozeville.)